My favourite band

my cartoon

In this picture there is one person: HOMER SIMPSON .
Homer is sit in the sofa. Homer wears a super-man´s T-shirt and a white briefs.The wall is pink and in the wall there is one table of a boat. The sofa is big and brown.In the left corner there are one cupboard and in the cupboard ther is a telefone.In the right corner there is a brown lamp.Homer is fat and tall. He has a big head and his hair is very short.He has a big eyes,big nose and small ears.The scene takes place in the living room.
                        THE END

Alex's picture

In this picture we can see Bart Simpson,he is a little evil,he´s my favourite personage,he has got a skate,he is in the hell,the hell is
red whit flames reds an yellows,this is my favourite personage because
he is a a boy who does a graceful things,he is the son of Marge and Homer Simpson an he is the brother of Maggie and Lisa Simpson

Florina´s picture

     In this picture there are two persons: a football player and Homer Simpson. They are in a football field. The sky is blue but there are clouds. Homer Simpson is wearing a black and white t-shirt, a black trousers, a black average and a whistle, he is a football referee. The football player belongs at Real Madrid because he has got a white with black lines gear with the Real Madrid shield. The referee is showing at the player a red card surely because he do a incorrect action.