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Football Rules

DURATION: The game is played in two halves of 45 minutes each.
OBJECT:The object is to score goals.
PLAYERS:Each team has 11 players:

  • A goalkeeper (also called goalie) who tries to block the shots by the opposing team.

  • The fullbacks (defense) who try to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals.


  • The halfbacks (or midfielders) who play both offense and defense.


  • The forwards (or strikers) who try to score goals for their team.

    1.You can't touch the ball at your hand excepted you're the goalkeeper.
    2.You must give the ball whith the foot.
    3.You mustn't attak at the other players.
    4.You must shoot at goal


    football rules

    1.-you must have eleven persons all the time

    2.-You must not touch the ball with the hand except the goalkepper

    3.-You  not take off the vest to celebrate a goal

    4.-you mustn't tread on the line when you take the throw in

    5.-No player must run with the ball in the hand.

    6.- you mustn't scoff at an adversary.

    My favourite sport

    1. You must bounce the ball when you are running .
    2. You mustn´t do more five faults.
    3. You can´t bounce the ball with two hands.
    4. You can throw the basket of any part of the camp.
    5. You can do hands change, address changes, rhythm changes…
    6. You must five persons in every team for play.