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Justin Bieber

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my favourite singer

Morodo by Carla :)

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Maldita Nerea by Cris

enrique iglesias by marcos


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my cartoon

In this picture there is one person: HOMER SIMPSON .
Homer is sit in the sofa. Homer wears a super-man´s T-shirt and a white briefs.The wall is pink and in the wall there is one table of a boat. The sofa is big and brown.In the left corner there are one cupboard and in the cupboard ther is a telefone.In the right corner there is a brown lamp.Homer is fat and tall. He has a big head and his hair is very short.He has a big eyes,big nose and small ears.The scene takes place in the living room.
                        THE END

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In this picture we can see Bart Simpson,he is a little evil,he´s my favourite personage,he has got a skate,he is in the hell,the hell is
red whit flames reds an yellows,this is my favourite personage because
he is a a boy who does a graceful things,he is the son of Marge and Homer Simpson an he is the brother of Maggie and Lisa Simpson

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     In this picture there are two persons: a football player and Homer Simpson. They are in a football field. The sky is blue but there are clouds. Homer Simpson is wearing a black and white t-shirt, a black trousers, a black average and a whistle, he is a football referee. The football player belongs at Real Madrid because he has got a white with black lines gear with the Real Madrid shield. The referee is showing at the player a red card surely because he do a incorrect action.

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This is my video from my tipical day, I hope you like it :D

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What to do when you see a wallaby

And, please! Start studying English and writing new posts in the blog. 
Most of you have forgotten everything in the summer!

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I'm going to Venice

The 7 Wonders

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Venice by Alex

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My ideal holiday by Diego O.

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New York

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Glog Michaella

Glog michaella

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What Have I done to deserve this?

Great song for the Simple Past (& other tenses) 
and also a good question to ask someone...;-)
Enjoy the weekend!

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Santiago by Marcos the best

CR7 by Marcos

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Here is my glog. I hope do you like. Florina
Rules of football :
There are 17 laws in the official Laws of the Game.
The offside is most complex of the laws.The offside law limits the ability of attacking players to receive the ball when closer to the opponent's goal line than: the ball itself; the second-to-last defending player and the half-way line.

Each team consists of a maximum of eleven players (excluding substitutes), one of whom must be the goalkeeper.Goalkeepers are the only players allowed to play the ball with their hands or arms, provided they do so within the penalty area in front of their own goal.
The basic equipment or kit players are required to wear includes a shirt, shorts, socks and footwear.
The length of the pitch for international adult matches is in the range of 100–110 m (110–120 yd) and the width is in the range of 64–75 m (70–80 yd).

By anxo

Your new task is called Glogster

scartf-club inferno

Enrique Iglesias Ft Ludacris Tonight Lyrics

Football Rules

DURATION: The game is played in two halves of 45 minutes each.
OBJECT:The object is to score goals.
PLAYERS:Each team has 11 players:

  • A goalkeeper (also called goalie) who tries to block the shots by the opposing team.

  • The fullbacks (defense) who try to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals.


  • The halfbacks (or midfielders) who play both offense and defense.


  • The forwards (or strikers) who try to score goals for their team.

    1.You can't touch the ball at your hand excepted you're the goalkeeper.
    2.You must give the ball whith the foot.
    3.You mustn't attak at the other players.
    4.You must shoot at goal


    football rules

    1.-you must have eleven persons all the time

    2.-You must not touch the ball with the hand except the goalkepper

    3.-You  not take off the vest to celebrate a goal

    4.-you mustn't tread on the line when you take the throw in

    5.-No player must run with the ball in the hand.

    6.- you mustn't scoff at an adversary.

    My favourite sport

    1. You must bounce the ball when you are running .
    2. You mustn´t do more five faults.
    3. You can´t bounce the ball with two hands.
    4. You can throw the basket of any part of the camp.
    5. You can do hands change, address changes, rhythm changes…
    6. You must five persons in every team for play.


    Alex's recipe

    Alex's recipe on PhotoPeach

    Recipe the Carla.

    Pizza on PhotoPeach

    Gael's recipe

    the super recipe on PhotoPeach

    Strawberry tart

    Strawberry tart on PhotoPeach

    Diego I's Recipe on PhotoPeach

    Diego Iglesias Conesa

    marco's recipe

    Marcos recipe on PhotoPeach


    Potatoes omelette

    Here you are my recipe. I save do you like. Florina :)

    Miguel's recipe

    Andrea's ideal House

    Thanks, Andrea for your cooperation!

    Miguel's ideal house

    Miguel's house

    My ideal house . By Carla.

    The ideal house. By Carla on PhotoPeach

    My ideal House

    My ideal house. By: KEVIN on PhotoPeach

    Gael's ideal house

    my ideal house

    My ideal house on PhotoPeach

    My ideal house.

    My ideal house on PhotoPeach

    alex's ideal house

    My Ideal House

    My Ideal House

    My ideal House by Marcos

    my dear house on PhotoPeach

    Anxo's ideal house

    my ideal house on PhotoPeach

    Yelco's house

    my house on PhotoPeach

    Martín´s ideal house

    Martín's ideal house on PhotoPeach

    My ideal house by Florina

    my HOUSE on PhotoPeach

    This is my idea house. Here is correct.    Florina


    Living room

    carpet, furniture

    TV, appliance

    coffee table, furniture


    Plate, utensils by Marcos


    Glass, utensils by Marcos


    Knife, utensils by Marcos


    Spoon, utensils by Marcos


    Fork, utensils by Marcos


    Oven, appliances by Anxo


    Microwave, appliances by Anxo


    Fridge, appliances by Anxo


    Kitchen sink,  furnitures by Anxo